The Pattern-Breaking Understanding: Fuzzy Logic

History shows that humanity has been separated from each other with sharp lines since the very beginning of its existence. Although the reason for separation varies according to the problems encountered from time to time, there is always separation. This separation can sometimes be based on ethnic origins, race, political opinions, religious beliefs, and even ruthlessly supported teams. No matter which side of these separations you look at, one states that they are completely right and defines the other side as bad people who want to persecute them. A life guide “fuzzy logic, which explains to us why this point of view is wrong, was created to solve exactly this point of view.

Gaps Like Continents

Before we explain what that is, let’s take a look at these gaps. From political examples to team fanaticism, you can come across our keen understanding of situations. Let’s start with the simplest example of this, the team split. The most famous example of this in Turkey is the Galatasaray-Fenerbahçe split. You all have a friend who supports either of these two teams, right? Now think about the attitude of this friend of yours or, if you are one of these fanatics, to the other team. What you will often see is a hostile approach, unfortunately.


The people of Galatasaray do not want the success of Fenerbahce and the people of Fenerbahce do not want the success of Galatasaray. But do these two teams have any reason to hate each other so much? How does being competitive in sports competitions make them this way? The answer is very simple: People like to belong to a team/group and treat the other side as the enemy because that way they belong somewhere.

Is the Other Party Always Unjust?

Of course, these divisions are unhealthy. Besides being unreasonable to call each other enemies, you will also see that these parties never find the other side justified in the slightest. For example, according to a Galatasaray fan, Fenerbahçe can never be in an unfair position. Unfortunately, the reverse of the same example is equally true. The reason why I tell these divisions through teams is that the political divisions we see more often do not seem so harmless(!). As a matter of fact, as you will see, this is the direct cause of the bloodshed and destroyed lives around the world. 


Citizens of every country start to hate the country where their own country is at odds but never look for who is truly right. This also applies to team splits. In fact, this is true in every separation. Only those who can feel the fringe logic, which is the subject of this article, have begun to ask objectively who is really right and to understand that there is often no such thing as the right side.

“What? Isn’t There a Right Side?”

Exactly, dear reader, there is no right side. Of course, in some cases where pure logic or common sense clearly says who is right, but more often the opposite is true. According to fuzzy logic, many events that we blindly look at in our daily life with the effect of these separations do not actually have such strict boundaries. Whatever political, religious, or social example comes to your mind, fringe logic gives you the opportunity to see through the eyes of the other party and eliminates the thoughts of absolute right or absolute injustice.  For example, when we consider a historical event, fringe logic tells us to look at the conditions of both countries at that time. He says, examines if the country you think is wrong has a reason to do this. Each thought is actually established and created with the belief that what is good for the world passes through that ideology. This goes for whatever separation comes to your mind. That is, the people we see as bad also have a good reason according to them.


It works with the usual logic 0-1 method. The 0-1 Method also only deals with the understanding of true-false. Values ​​in between are meaningless and incorrect. Here, fringe logic activates exactly those intermediate values. It may say that there is a gray separate from black and white. For example, if the Germans had won the Second World War, perhaps Hitler’s name would be written in gold letters and we would remember him fondly. Fortunately, this did not happen, but the understanding that we consider these absolute truths is actually based entirely on perspectives and historical developments. In a way, today’s realities are determined by yesterday’s winner. But here is what we understand. Does the path of truth pass through the winner? I’m guessing everyone in their right mind would say no to that. Therefore, today’s realities are neither true nor false. If we manage to stretch our thoughts and look differently, there will be no problem after this point. Fringe logic will actually give you a much cleaner, more enlightened, and neutral perspective, giving you a philosophical depth, and a relaxed and anger-free understanding. Unless we do this, our hearts and minds will be covered with dark smoke, and we will fill our hearts with anger by constantly blaming others. Remember, your truth does not have to be someone else’s truth. Just as the reverse is also true.

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