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OkButWhy is an all-volunteer , non-profit platform. So, unfortunately, we do not have any source of income.

The most important thing that we will not compromise on at OkButWhy is the quality of our contents. We have been producing content consistently since February 2021. The birth process of an article that reaches you in our growing team is roughly as follows:

Birth Adventure of an Article

1. Finding a Topic

This stage is very important to us. If a topic really doesn’t interest us, or if we don’t say ” Oh, it looks really interesting!“, we do not produce any content on that subject. Our readers must have noticed. The content in OkButWhy is all written about an interesting topic or highlighting the interesting side of an ordinary topic. Therefore, the vast majority of our readers are curious and read a few different content after they enter our site. The first stage appeals to our sense of curiosity.

2. Doing Research

It is compulsory that the content in OkButWhy is correct. We do research to create particularly interesting content and we work for days to make these contents more understandable . We check each of our content from at least two reliable sources. In addition to resources related to that content, we also add Future Reading resources to keep the curious interested. This research process takes days.

3. Visual Designs

One of the most important features that distinguish OkButWhy from other platforms is the importance we give to visual designs. Designs are critical for us, as our main goal is to make a subject as simple as possible and to write it in a fun language. After reading the draft text, our design team spends hours explaining the subject with visuals.

4. Editorial Review

Our article, whose visual designs are also prepared, is now submitted for the approval of our editor. Our editor meticulously not only checks the sources of that article one by one, but also corrects typos and misunderstandings. In addition, if the article does not fit our concept, our editors offer various correction suggestions and contact the author.

If all is well so far, our editor makes a summary of that content. This summary is the part we share on our Instagram account as Briefly”. Indeed, summarizing an article can sometimes be as difficult as writing it. You have experienced this in daily life as well. You can talk for hours on a subject that you know very well, but if someone gives you a few minutes to explain that subject , you will struggle for hours to “give all the important points “.

5. Preparation of Social Media Posts

Those who follow our Instagram account have noticed. We try to make it interesting by making separate designs for all our content. Apart from that, they rearranged the word number on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. In addition, many responsibilities such as answering the questions in our message box on a daily basis and keeping our account alive with stories are on the shoulders of our social media team.

6. Editor-in-chief Review

Yes, here we come to the birth moment of an article. Even though a few people have meticulously checked all the steps up to that point, we are checking it one more time. Our editor-in-chief re-evaluates and returns as if those articles, designs and social media shares were never checked . If all goes well… Perfect! The new interesting content has been presented to your liking!

As you can see, the completion of the content that takes a few minutes to read can be achieved with the work of many volunteers for days. Since the day we were founded, we have been moving forward with the same meticulousness by releasing new content twice a week.

What Else Have We Started To Do?

7. Podcast Preparation

Some people prefer to listen rather than read. For example, wearing headphones while walking can be more attractive than reading. That’s exactly why we started making podcasts. We voice all the content on our site. We try to do this in the most professional way possible (such as lapel microphone, a quiet environment). Then we edit them and share them for free both on our site and on our Spotify account.

8. Creating Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts, TikTok

Let’s be honest. At first, publishing content on these platforms was not a very appealing idea. But then we realized that many of our users have a request in this direction. Even though Instagram posts are in summary form, we have followers who don’t prefer to read them. Learning a topic by listening in 60 seconds could be much more interesting. We started to talk fast and decided to release our content to these platforms as well. Of course, that means extra video shooting, synopsis, directing, and most importantly, video editing. So we have to spend a lot of time.

9. Extracting YouTube Videos

It can be difficult to describe something with just words. As we mentioned above, this is why we focus on designs. The more advanced level of this is to prepare videos. We realized that we could make things much more understandable with animations. In addition, gestures and facial expressions are abilities that will never exist in the written universe, unfortunately. That’s why we started producing videos. Our main goal is to keep the quality of the videos at the highest possible level. That’s why we allocate as much time as the sum of the above stages to videos only.

So, Why Do We Need Your Support?

As we mentioned above, the production stages of an article, podcast, reel or video that reaches you. More than ten people are constantly working behind the scenes. And almost all of these people are students. People who do not have any income, and only do this work on a voluntary basis. People who work for the development of this platform even in the break of classes. Even if only a small part of our readers donate, we can cover the expenses of our site and perhaps reach the level of giving an allowance to our team that can increase their motivation even more.

Our Never Ending Expense: Domain and Host

In addition, we have two basic expenses that we constantly pay and have to pay for the site: Domain and Host fees. Domain, that is, the domain name of our site. The host is the server that our site is connected to. Since the host is a factor that directly affects the site speed, we make use of the best option according to our site density. As a result, the price we pay increases in the right proportion to the service we receive. High Speed ​​= Good Hosting = High Fees.

Since these fees are directly affected by the dollar exchange rates, their prices are increasing day by day. Frankly, we are trying to keep our platform afloat by paying all these expenses out of our own pocket.

Our Other Expenses

Our constant goal is to make our platform heard and reach more people. That’s why we become the “Media Sponsor” or “The Sweepstakes Sponsor” for their activities by contacting the student societies of the universities. We give gifts such as mugs, bookmarks, and stickers to people who attend the events. We also make sure that our content appeals to a wide audience by advertising on Instagram from time to time. We have to cover these costs entirely out of our own pocket.

Google Ads?

You may have seen that the page has ads linked to Google Adsense from time to time. We try to generate revenue from Google ads to cover the costs of our site. However, in order not to adversely affect the user experience and because the advertising revenues are incredibly low, we can hardly generate any income from there.

The time of all of us is valuable and none of us would like to waste our time by coming across an advertisement on the site we visit to examine a subject. That’s why we try to keep the number of ads to a minimum. Unless we are a site that reaches hundreds of thousands of monthly users, unfortunately, it does not seem possible to generate a meaningful income from here.

You never need to pay to read the content in OkButWhy! All contents are free of charge and they will always be! This is our most basic rule. Since we aim to provide free and equal access to information for everyone, unfortunately, supporters will not have an additional right to access the content.

How Can You Support Us?

If you wish, you can support us by paying a certain amount per month through our Patreon account .

Support Us!

If you don’t have a budget to spare for this support, no problem. Our goal is to reach everyone in the world. You can also support us by sharing our content with people around you and on your social media accounts. 

NOTE: When you looked at the Patreon page, you may see that Doğa Filozofu name besides the OkButWhy. Doğa Filozofu ( is the original website of OkButWhy published in Turkish. Therefore, you can trust that, without doubt.

Thank you very much in advance 🙂

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