Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 1

Your privacy is something we respect and do our best to protect. The explanations regarding the security of your personal information are explained below and presented for your information.

Recorded Information

The information that you give in the Contact Us! part is recorded on our website. Apart from the information you specify in these forms, your IP address, and the date and time you sent the message are automatically displayed in the system. As with many standard web servers, your log information such as your visit times is recorded. These data are used for statistical purposes only and are not shared with third parties.


Cookies Permission

According to the definition in Google’s privacy and terms; cookies are small pieces of text sent to your browser by a website you visit. It helps the website remember information about your visit. This may provide convenience for you when you visit the site again and may make the site more useful. Some parts of our site may use cookies for the convenience of users. It is entirely up to you whether to allow cookies or not. If you wish, you can examine the cookies on our site and block the ones you do not want by clicking the lock icon next to the site name as shown in the image on the side.


SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate

SSL is the abbreviation of “Secure Socket Layer“. Thanks to the SSL Certificate, all the information including you give in the “Contact Us!” part is encrypted and your data is protected against attacks. Websites with SSL Certificates have the prename “https” and are considered secure connections. If you wish, you can review Google’s explanations for more detailed information on this subject. In addition, you can view the validity of the SSL Certificate on our site by clicking the lock icon as shown in the adjacent image.


External Links

From time to time, we provide links to different internet addresses on our site, mostly for reference purposes. is NOT responsible for the content or privacy principles of the sites to which it links or advertises. Referring to external links mentioned here is legally considered as “referencing“. In addition, is never responsible for viruses, software malfunctions, or similar problems that may arise from these external links.


You can reach us for any questions you may have about our site, as well as regarding the privacy policy applied; Also, you can contact us to share your opinions and thoughts via “Contact Us!” section.
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