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OkButWhy is a non-profit community of volunteers, founded by Mete Esencan on February 1, 2023*, aiming to increase social awareness by sharing articles in the fields of science, art, and philosophy.

In OkButWhy, we make explanations for the events that we see around us every day, but whose reasons we do not question. In our articles here, we will refer to science, which is the most real guide in life, not myths of unknown origin. But this isn’t just a popular science site. You can also find content in the fields of art and philosophy on the site. Also, in the “On Living” category, you can find essays on life-related topics with the author’s subjective ideas.

As OkButWhy writers, if we have to describe philosophy in just one word, we describe it as “questioning”. Since our main purpose is to question everything around us, we believe that philosophy should be included in every subject and therefore it should have a place on this site. In fact, the postgraduate education, Ph.D.  is the abbreviation of the “Doctor of Philosophy”. No matter what field you are in, if you want to take part in academia and become a researcher, you need to start questioning in that field and get the title of “Doctor of Philosophy”.

In the Art/Culture category, while continuing the questioning part, we will discuss different perspectives on the concept of beauty in nature. However, this field will not be limited to the understanding of beauty in nature. In this section, you can find articles about a book, series or movie review, while you can find content about every field of art, such as conveying ideas on a painting. 

We think that science and art are the two most important tools in understanding nature, which should not be separated from each other.

“Science and art are like the wing of a bird. Societies that can use these two wings fly and become free.”

Charles Darwın (1809-1882)

As Charles Darwin said, “Science and art are like the wing of a bird. Societies that can use these two wings fly and become free.We fully adopt this view and believe that producing content about only one will limit us, just as a single-winged bird cannot fly or can only turn around itself. In summary, we aim to question nature with the power of art and the guidance of science, which is one of our vital points.

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*Although it was founded in 2023, you may also find some articles which are published in 2021 or 2022. Since OkButWhy is the English version of “dogafilozofu.com” which is an awarded website in Turkey. Therefore, nearly 80 articles were already published before OkButWhy was founded. 

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