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Hello, OkButWhy is a public platform. You can join our team of writers by publishing your articles in the fields of science, art, and philosophy on this platform. You can find the rules and conditions to be followed to become a writer below:


According to the definition on the website of METU Applied Ethics Research Center; plagiarism is taking and using others’ thoughts and opinions, consciously or unconsciously, and presenting them as your own without notifying the source of information and without attribution.
We see it as the greatest disrespect to copy a work directly, without citing the source, or to write it with minor changes. The article you want to publish will be investigated by our editors and will not be published if it is determined that it is not original. Please make sure you fully understand the issue of plagiarism before submitting your articles. The articles you share should be original and should be transferred by showing the source. We remind you that we will never compromise on academic immorality that may occur otherwise, and we emphasize that your work should belong to you.

Grammar and Readability

We want the articles you will share to be transferred in accordance with the rules of English grammar, and to be written in a language that is as fluent and understandable as possible. Since we aim to appeal to people from all walks of life on this site, we attach importance to clarity. If there are too many terms in your article, we expect you to include an explanation of the terms you use so that everyone can understand. Everyone has a unique writing style. On this site, we generally write articles as if we are chatting -with the condition of being correct-. So, instead of giving the reader the impression that they are reading an encyclopedia, we want to give the impression that they are learning new information during the conversation.
After the articles we have written, we ask ourselves the following question honestly: “Would I read such an article?” If we can comfortably answer yes to this question, we send our article. However, if we think that the text is a bit boring, we are making some changes to make it more fluent. For example, we use various images, graphics, similes, and quotes to make a text more readable. We do not limit the length of the articles you want to publish. In other words, the length of the articles is entirely up to the owner of the article. If you think the article is fluent and readable, you can share an article of any length you want.
Suggestion: Before sending the article, it is a good way to test the intelligibility of the article by reading it aloud and having someone who has no knowledge of the subject read it.

Citation and Use of Images

As mentioned in the plagiarism section, you must specify the sources you use in the article you will publish in the references section. We adopt the principle of using at least two reliable sources for scientific articles. The reason why we use at least two reliable sources is to confirm the accuracy of the content we wrote from both sources and to prevent erroneous transmissions. Our articles are not purely academic articles. However, we feel the responsibility of staying within the framework of academic accuracy in our articles that are open to everyone and written for informational purposes. We are also aware that it is important for our readers who want to read further on the subject written, to direct them to the sources. That’s why we want your articles to come with at least two sources you used during the research.
We believe that it is very important to use images to make an article more interesting and to increase the clarity of that article. Therefore, we expect you to include images (photographs, graphics, tables, illustrations, etc.) in all your articles. The concept of plagiarism mentioned at the beginning does not only apply to articles. Using images without showing the source or purchasing the copyright is considered plagiarism and there are legal sanctions for this. For this reason, the images you want to share in your article must be prepared by you or royalty-free images. You should definitely examine the source from which you received the image you want to add to the article, and have read the legal responsibilities regarding the sharing of the image and followed those rules.

Authors and Contributors

After you start publishing your articles on our site, you can continue to support under two different headings.
The person who wants to publish an article must have published at least three articles in order to be among the “authors“. Then, we want him to publish at least two articles in a month so that she/he can continue to be among the authors. Except for exceptional circumstances, authors who cannot meet these conditions are listed in the “Contributors” section and when they start to share regular articles, they will have their names written in the “Authors” section again.
People who do not want to share regularly but give support by writing articles from time to time are included in the “Contributors” section. If the above-mentioned authorship conditions are met, it will be promoted to the “Authors” section.

Financial Income and Volunteering

OkButWhy is a community that does not have any income, aims to increase social awareness by sharing articles in the fields of science, art, and philosophy, and consists entirely of volunteers. For this reason, we are unfortunately unable to provide financial support to authors or contributors. In other words, all published articles are published on a voluntary basis, without any financial concerns.

Sharing Permission

The person who submits an article for publication on our site accepts that this article is his/her own and to be published publicly. The name of the person who sent it is written in the “author” section at the top of the articles to be published. In addition, if our editors agree that it is necessary, they can make minor changes to the articles in order to increase readability. The person who submits the article allows the editors to make minor changes to the article and to share the article publicly.

Contact and Application

If you would like to join our team and become a writer, you can reach us via the address Our expectations from you in the content of the application e-mail are as follows:
  • The article you want to be published, the images in your article, and your references (as a Microsoft Word file) (Images should be attached to the attachment in the e-mail)
  • A short CV (Required for use in the Authors or contributors section) (Optional)
  • Your photo (requested for use in the Authors or contributors section) (Optional)
  • Your social media accounts (required for use in the Authors or contributors section) (Optional)
Also, if you would like to join our software and design team, you can contact us through the “Contact Us” section or via
Welcome aboard now 🙂
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